When is the start of the TLE?

The ThreeFold TLE date will be announced later. It depends on some preliminary milestones.

What is the purchase price of the ThreeFold Token?

TFTs are priced at 0.15 USD per token on the TLE.

Will registering to Liquid replace my wallet in the 3Bot Connect app?

No, registering on Liquid will make it possible to send and receive ThreeFold Tokens (amongst others) on the Liquid platform. In short you will have an extra wallet on the exchange from which you can trade the tokens.

Why should I register for the TLE?

To buy tokens when the TLE starts.

To trade ThreeFold Tokens when the TLE has ended.

To help ThreeFold reach their next milestones.

To go in and out of TFT's > other currencies after the TLE.

Where can I register for the TLE?

You can register through this link for the TLE, make sure to follow the link when actually signing up to make sure you are using the ThreeFold referral code.

Do I need to be verified to take part in the TLE?

Yes, to buy & sell tokens on Liquid you will need to make sure you are verified. The means of verifying can differ depending on your country of origin or residence. To be 100% sure you are verified, it's best to reach out to Liquid by replying to the emails they sent you after registering.

Is there anything else I need to do before I can take part in the TLE?

Sign up for your account, set up 2FA and complete verification. After that, you’ll need to fund your account with either USD or USDC to take part in the ThreeFold Token (TFT) Sale. USD can be deposited by bank transfer or traded against BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. USDC can be deposited or traded against BTC or ETH. The easiest way to get USDC is by using our Quick Exchange feature. Head to the sign-up page to get started. Enter your personal details and set up 2FA. Without Account Verification, you will qualify for a Basic Account which gives you access to many of Liquid’s core features. To take part in the ThreeFold Token sale, you will need to verify your account. With that done, you’re all set for the token sale.

Is Liquid a Safe platform?

Yes, Liquid is safe and reputable platform that is regulated by the JSFA and audited by Deloitte. I has been ranked #1 by Coin Intelligence and #29 in Fintech 100 (2018). If you would like to know more about the security measures taken by Liquid you can find more here: https://www.liquid.com/security/

Why is ThreeFold doing an TLE?

To grow awareness about the ThreeFold project.

To scale-up our operations so we can reach our next milestones quicker.

How will the proceeds of the TLE be split up?

5% will go to ThreeFold Foundation Operations

10% will go to Sponsorships for Impact Projects (e.g. education)

20% will go to rants for grid projects (e.g. 3bot)

20% will go to tech Development

45% will go to awareness & growth initiatives

What Currencies can be used to buy ThreeFold Tokens during the TLE?

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